Structured Data

Understanding Structured Data and How it Can Improve SEO

Points of discussion include: Once you have finished reading, you should be able to use this knowledge to improve your website’s SEO. Let’s get startet. What Is Structured Data and Why Is It Important? Structured Data is the term used when referring to organized data, or code that has been written in a specific format….

Online Plagiarism Checkers

Top 10 Online Plagiarism Checkers (Free and Paid Tools Compared)

If you write as a hobby or professionally, chances are you’ve heard that plagiarism is bad and you should avoid it entirely. Why do people hate plagiarism so much? Well, it comes down to many ethical and moral reasons, all leading back to the fact that plagiarism, whether intentional or not, is essentially stealing someone…

grammar correction

Top 10 Online Grammar Checkers (with Pros and Cons)

If you do any sort of writing, whether you have a personal or professional blog, or write content at all, you should already know how important grammar is. Across the world, people agree that good grammar is a great thing, and using terrible grammar is a bad thing. There are many basic rules most people…