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The most advanced web hosting research database that uses big data technology to deliver true transparency and deep insights via data-driven visualizations and research tools.

Quick Facts

Collecting and processing tons of data 24/7. We constantly monitor and analyze:


Domain Names


Hosting Providers


Review Sites


Hosting Reviews

Comprehensive Hosting Insights

See how any web host performs on a global scale. Historical domain registration trends and host ratings visualized for better UI/UX.

How are we different?

Here, you won't find biased "expert" reviews, partial speed or uptime results, deceptive "actual testing" analyses etc. Enough of this nonsense. Without real data, it's just another personal opinion.

Unlike many other "top 10 web hosting" sites, we don't post fake 5-star reviews and forge the ratings because we do not receive compensation from products we mention on this website. No affiliate links, no commission, no bullshit!

Our goal is to bring openness and transparency back to the hosting industry. That's why we decided to put it to the test. To the real test. With 2.5TB of raw data in zone files alone. That's 45 billion records!

Hope you'll find it useful.


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