Inmotion Hosting is of the largest, best-known and most spectacular web hosts currently available on the market. If you’re looking for a place to host your corporate website with absolutely rock-solid performance, Inmotion is your first-best option.

Who is Inmotion Hosting?

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We understand that not everyone has the knowledge off modern web hosting that we boast — in fact, probably no one does. Well, Inmotion has been in the hosting game since 2001, and during this time they’ve managed to rack up quite a lot of credible awards. We could list them out for you, but if you’re that interested, it’s much easier to check on their about page. We will, however, say this: Inmotion Hosting boasts an incredible dedication to providing their users with stellar support, best possible service and top-notch hosting options backed by the best hardware currently available on the market. Over time these guys have proven themselves willing to change in order to provide their customers with stellar performance, and we definitely love to see that kind of dedication.

Inmotion Hosting

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Domains Hosted 200,000+
Established 2001
6100 Center Drive Suite 1190
Los Angeles CA 90045

Why Inmotion Hosting?

Well, all of the above is great and wonderful, but without some concrete reasoning, we can’t blame you for passing them by. So without further ado, here are our top reasons why you should consider Inmotion Hosting to host your website.

MaxSpeed Zones

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As far as we are aware of, Inmotion Hosting is the only web hosting provider out there that offers something they call the MaxSpeed Zones. These are not racetrack enabled data processors—though that would be pretty cool! No, this is a technologically advanced network that’s designed to bring you faster hosting speeds based on where you actually live. You see, the company boasts data centers along both the east and west coasts of the United States. When you sing up for services with Inmotion, you are given a choice to select which data center you would like to use, in order to bring better service to both you and your customer. By keeping your data physically close to you, you can ensure that the latency is decreased, the content is quicker, and the end user experience is worth coming back for. That’s a heck of a thing, and we really do appreciate the fact that Inmotion offers it.

Lots of Options

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Inmotion Hosting doesn’t just offer solid shared hosting plans — which they do — but they also aim to reach for your higher needs. If you’re running a business with an existing site that’s quickly stretching the limits of what it can do with a shared hosting plan, you might aught to consider Inmotion’s virtual private server options. As of now, they provide some of the cheapest high-performance VPS hosting on the market.

100% Customer Satisfaction

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Another reason we like Inmotion so much is that they guarantee your complete satisfaction with the products they sell. They offer some of the best US-based technical assistance we know of. They are around 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to listen to your problems, and they will actually work quickly to provide you with a solution. In this way, Inmotion provides a peace of mind where others can only give you uncertainty. And to us that’s worth a lot more than just a budget-friendly price.