HostGator is one of the longest standing hosting companies that we know of. They’ve been providing quality web hosting for about as long as we can remember, and we’ve been analyzing the industry for quite some time now. During that time HostGator racked up more awards and recommendations than just about any other host we could name, and have really made an effort to become one of the leading service providers in the industry.

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HostGator was founded in 2002 and is currently based in Houston, Texas. Since then, HostGator has grown from a small hosting company with just three servers into a world leading and industry recognized hosting provider with more than 12,000 servers under management. As of now HostGator host more than 8 million individual websites. That’s actually 1% of the total Internet traffic!

Who is HostGator?

Web hosting made EASY and AFFORDABLE!

   Free website builder
   1-click wordpress installation
   Unlimited disk space & traffic
   24/7/365 (phone, chat, email)
   45-day money back
   Starting from $3.96/month


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HostGator Video Review

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Why HostGator?

Big Name

hostgator review

There’s an argument to be made for choosing a smaller web hosting provider to take care of your needs. That being said, HostGator comes with some of the best hardware and most time-tested methods in the business. They’ve been around for a decade now, which means they have had ample time to work out the kinks in their systems, and to provide their users with top-quality and top-shelf performance. And considering you’ll still not take a knock to the customer service that you deserve, there’s really no reason in the world not to benefit from their level of experience and knowledge.

Cheap Plans

hostgator plans

Web hosting from HostGator starts at a paltry $3.96 a month, which is just about as cheap as you’re likely to find anywhere. And trust us, we’ve had lots of time and expertise spent on looking for those bargains. This is an incredible deal, and it doesn’t just stick to the shared hosting experience. You’ll also find cheap deals on VPS hosting ($15.96 a month) and dedicated server hosting ($139 a month). This means that you can quickly find a solution with HostGator to expand your horizon. Cheap reseller hosting is another reason to like HostGator if you’re looking for one of the best reseller hosts in the game. First out of the box, they offer some of the cheapest reseller hosting plans we’ve seen anywhere. For only $19.96 a month you can become a hosting reseller with your own brand. That’s about ten bucks cheaper than almost any other host we know of.

Unlimited Features

hostgator hosting

One of the reasons we recommend HostGator to new customers is the services they offer. HostGator accounts come with a full retinue of unlimited options, including disk space, bandwidth, email accounts, FTP accounts, SSH access, and email autoresponders. That’s a wall of stuff to work with! With HostGator you get access to the latest software, including WordPress, Drupal, PHPBB forums. Of course, you also have full-on support for coding languages like PHP5, HTML5, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Perl, and Python. With unlimited number of MySQL databases you can also rest assured that no matter how big your site expands, even a basic shared account with HostGator is more than enough to handle it.