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Bluehost, a part of the Endurance International Group since 2010, is one of the largest names in the whole hosting industry. A permanent member of the “recommended hosts list” at, now powering over 2 million websites worldwide.


Phone: +1 (888) 401-4678
560 Timpanogos Pkwy, Orem, UT 84097, USA

Plans start from $3.95/mo. 30-day money back.

Free domain name (new hosting plans only).
Unlimited hosting: disk space, bandwidth, emails (extra charge).
SimpleScripts installer (over 70 apps, incl. WordPress, Joomla!
Various VPS, Dedicated, Reseller plans available.
24/7 customer service and tech support.

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550+ reviews

If you look around you might be able to find more reliable web hosting companies, but with Bluehost you will get the best value for your money.

300+ reviews

Warnings before every maintenance and very fast support. Bluehost aims to make a better hosting experience, and they’re clearly doing a good job.
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unmetered hosting

24/7 support

from $3.95/month

30-day money back

wordpress optimized

website builder

spam-free emails

fast hardware



Who is Bluehost?

Lately we’ve been dishing out a whole lot of reviews covering some of the largest names in the hosting industry. We’ve made a point to cover everything from personal shared plans all the way to green hosting. However, we’ve been leaving out one of the largest markets of them all: the business crowd in need of a solid hosting provider to supply them with bandwidth and disk space. As such, we’re going to be rectifying that issue now with a full write up of one of the largest names in the whole industry. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, below you’ll find our review of Bluehost.


That’s the essential information on Bluehost, but we have a feeling you’re going to want a little bit more information before you rush out to sign with them. We understand how you feel, and as such, you can find our reasoning to use Bluehost lined up below.

If you’ve never heard of Bluehost, or have yet to consider them as your next possible web host, then stick around! We’ll be dishing out all of the important details, including some of our top reasons to use them as your next provider. So without further ado, let’s go ahead and crack open the nut of this review.

Why Bluehost?

To begin with, Bluehost has been operating and providing web hosting with a business focus to their consumers since 1996. That’s almost twenty years of experience for you to bank on. It’s a mammoth operation that supports an even larger base of clients. Best of all, Bluehost has a unique focus on offering their customers the highest quality of technical assistance. Their wait times average only 30 seconds for each call, which means you’ll get immediate and speedy answers to any and all of your problems.

The Price is Right, Bob

First out of the box, we’d simply like to say that the price you’ll pay to host with Bluehost is spot-on for what we would expect with an industry competitive provider. You’ll pay only $3.49 a month to use their servers, which is one of the lowest leasing agreements we’ve seen anywhere. However, you won’t even have to cut corners with that price tag! Which leads us to our next point:

Unlimited Potential

One of the things that we are always telling our readers to look for in a web hosting provider is a full range of unlimited features. Why do we advocate this? Because if you’re going to run a website with the potential to grow, you don’t want your potential being limited by the provider of your choice. As such, we can fully recommend Bluehost to just about any web master with hefty needs. The provider gives you the keys to unlimited bandwidth, disk space, email accounts, domains, sub-domains, and email auto-responders. That’s a whole lot of potential that’s just ripe for the taking. And alongside all of that, you’ll get the peace of mind in knowing that your site can grow to be as large as it needs.


Are you worried about finding the right coding and software support with your shared hosting provider? If so, then you can put your fears to sleep! Bluehost offers fully functioning frameworks that support the entire network of popular CMS and server-side software. No matter if you’re looking to found a new site using WordPress or Drupal, or simply host a site with a whole lot of CSS styling and HTML5 code, BlueHost has you covered from head to toe. With Bluehost, you’ll find support for Ruby on Rails, Ajax, Ruby, Perl, PHP5, HTML5, and even an entire roster of one-click install ready software. All in all, it’s a powerful mix, and one that we strongly feel will meet the needs of just about any client.

Reseller Options

What if you’re not looking to host your website, or even a new site, but rather resell hosting services to your clients? This is a useful way for any business to make some more return on their overheads, and if you’re in the field of web development (graphic design, web design, etc.) reselling can be your ticket out of poverty and into the highlife. If you’re in the market for a reseller host, then you might aught to consider Bluehost. Their plans are some of the cheapest we have ever seen ($19.95 a month) and come backed with all the same excellent features and customer support that we’ve been talking about thus far. You’ll also get quite a lot of space to work with, that way you can return as much profit as possible from your new business.

Overall Value

At the end of the day, we really like Bluehost. We’ve been hearing good things from those who decided to use them as their business’s primary host, and as such, we can’t help but recommend it. They come with cheap plans, healthy features, quality customer service, and a variety of hosting options to meet just about any corporate need.

bluehost features

With all of that in mind, you might want to give BlueHost some serious consideration for your next, professionally-based website. And remember, when in doubt simply call up a sales representative and start asking questions. There’s no better way to get acquainted with a new host like Bluehost.

Try Bluehost for 30 Days!

Prior to the expiration of 30 calendar days, you will receive a refund of all fees paid in connection with the account registration. Refund will be reduced by $15.99 per domain.