When it comes to online-based website builders, you’re really going to get a wide range of features. Most of the tools we look at offer the same drag-and-drop style editor to get your template up and off the ground. Most will also offer some kind of continuity between your business and the site that you create. So when the quick hits the bone, what is it about certain website builders that gets our gears grinding? What makes these special gems in the rough tick that you should know about?

yola website builder

In Yola’s case, it’s not so much the additional features or unbelievably cool items that have been added on to the otherwise stock package. Rather, it’s the fluidity of the designs, the ease with which a user can get their content hosted, and the simplicity of having that content optimized for a wider audience.

Yola – taking your business online!

   Drag&drop website builder
   Unlimited storage available
   24/7/365 support
   Anytime money back
   FREE – $24.95/month

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To see exactly what we mean, as well as to hear a bit more about the pricing options that Yola offers, simply head on down below the break: We’ve got our full review lined up and ready to go!

Introductory Video

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yola features

First off the bat, Yola is a fairly stock online suite builder, at least as far as the other builders that we’ve taken a look at in our time—and we’ve seen more than a few, we promise! It offers a template-based site building technology that allows you to point-and-click your way through the creation process, quickly editing and adding content as you see fit. These designs are also automatically SEO friendly, which comes as a tremendous boon to those looking to save a few hours of time on the back-end. All in all, the templates offered are all pretty solid, and we’d certainly use them for our own site. The site organization tools that come with Yola are also some of the best in the business.

However, the real kicker with the service is the other features that come with the same package. From the top down, you’ll get a lot of ease and peace of mind by using Yola. For instance, the company offers free, sans-advert sites that you can immediately take advantage of. We’ll talk more about pricing in just a second, but that alone is worth considering. From there, you’ll also get an entire host of marketing and social media tools. With Yola as your backer, you can very quickly create content that’s universal across a mobile and social platform without needing to worry about it. And if you’re looking to set-up a website for your business without any technical knowledge to speak of, having that continuity and fluidity is a great way to ensure that your business does well on the Internet frontier.

yola online store

yola webstore features

From a business standpoint, Yola also offers a lot of services that we typically only see with a web hosting company. You’ll get free Google AdWords credits, site statistics, contact forms, TRUSTe privacy policies, and even custom mailing lists. You’ll also have reliable cloud-based hosting, a free domain name, and online store softwares that will help you start moving products to your customers.


Free Bronze Silver Gold
Yola Sitebuilder Included Included Included Included
Number of websites 2 5 25 25
Storage 1GB 2GB 5GB Unlimited
Bandwidth 1GB Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum file size 5MB 5MB 100MB 150MB
Drag-and-drop widgets and applications Yes Yes Yes Yes
One-click web publishing Yes Yes Yes Yes
Email support Standard Priority Priority Priority
Premium support Priority Priority Priority
Basic website templates Yes Yes Yes Yes
Premium style templates Included Included
A free custom domain name Included Included Included
Mobile-ready website Yes Yes
Publish your website to Facebook Yes Yes
Google AdWords advertising credits $100 $100 $100
Facebook advertising credits $25 $25
Price (month-to-month) FREE $5.95/mo $12.95/mo $24.95/mo
Price (billed yearly) FREE $4.17/mo $8.33/mo $16.66/mo

From a strictly pricing standpoint, the prices offered by Yola are also some of the best we’ve seen in the game. For a scant nothing a month (yes, we do mean free) you can use Yola to set-up and arrange your site with limited features. For $5.95 a month, you’ll get even more functionality and more space to work with. Yet, at $24.95 you’ll top out the unlimited features box, and with all the space in the world to work with.

Overall Value

yola online website builder

At the end of the day, Yola is a smaller but still reliable way to get your business or personal website hosted on the Net in a hurry. We might suggest other venues over it (e.g. Wix, Weebly), but this isn’t because Yola is inadequate: Simply put, the service is simple, quick, reliable, and stable. It’s not pushing the boundaries, but if quiet and efficient is more what you’re on the market for, it will do you quite well.