When we think about online website builders, one of the first ones we think of is Weebly. The site has been around almost since the invention of the online site builder, and during that time they’ve garnered a lot of attention from some very hefty and notable places. They’ve also been at the forefront of advancing an online site builder as a legitimate way to create and manage your very own Web platform. Their focus is on easy-to-use, simple to manage, and unbelievably quick to produce websites. And for the most part, they do quite well with it.


To figure out exactly what we think about Weebly, as well as to view our entire thoughts on the matter of its functionality, pricing, and overall value, you can check out review just below the break. We break the whole thing down into easy sections, so if you’ve ever been curious about Weebly, and want to know more about what they’re offering, there’s no better place to start looking than just after the section break.

Quick Overview

Weebly – the easiest way to create a website, store or blog!

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   Drag&drop website builder
   24/7/365 support
   FREE – $24.95/month
   30-day money back

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The Interface

We said earlier that Weebly is one of the very first online website builders that we think of when we talk about the medium. This is because, largely in part, of the interface it provides. It’s a classic; web-style site builder as we’ve seen reproduced and cloned at easily one hundred other locations. It’s got the same drag-and-drop functionality that we’ve come to expect, as well as an entire host of easy to use templates. And when we say an entire host, we really do mean it: Weebly offers one of the largest banks of quality themes that we have seen anywhere in the industry. It’s a monumental stash, and if you’re ever in need of a good theme, we promise you’ll be able to find it here.

weebly themes

Essentially, the Weebly process works like this. You load your chosen theme, and then get straight to editing the content. Weebly is one of those site builders that is very focused on the media you use, so items like photos, text, videos, and even flash items are all very important. If you’re using a site that doesn’t have much of this—or a site that you want to use lots of CSS and Javascript on—you’re out of luck here. You load all of your content, and then publish the site using Weebly itself. You can do this using your own custom domain name, or a Weebly branded name.

weebly interface

All in all, it’s a nice interface with a lot of functionality, as well as a wide range of media support. That being said, though, we detest the lack of true customization that we’re allowed. When places like SquareSpace are really starting to push the boundaries of what an online site builder is capable of, it just seems restrictive in the modern age. Still, if you’re looking for a builder that uses little to no code, you’ve come to the right place.

The Pricing

Overall, we’d have to go ahead and call Weebly and its prices quite fair. The Weebly experience comes in a couple of different tiers, all of which offer different prices for different features. For example, at the lowest rung you can pay $7.95 a month for 15 pages of your site, 500 megabytes in storage, and an unmetered bandwidth. That’s quite a good bargain in our eyes. At the top-most level, you’ll be paying $24.95 a month for unlimited pages, and ten gigabytes of storage space. That’s more to our liking, though the price is certainly high for any traditional web hosting experience. Then again, you are also getting a website builder and creation tool that tucks nicely into your hosting environment. So, if obtaining an easy experience is more important to you than doing things by yourself, Weebly is a perfect option to match.

Overall Roundup

At the end of the day, Weebly is certainly not the worst site builder we’ve ever had a look at. In fact, it’s easily one of the best, though not quite as near the top as it might like to be. The site is fluid, the controls are simple, and the functionality is solid. So why don’t we like it still? Mostly because it’s resting on a more studied drag-and-drop mechanic. Times are changing, and though we can add complex elements like slideshows, it’s still not quite enough to hold our interest as a designer. However, if you’re looking for a quick solution to your website design problems, with quality hosting attached at a decent price, then perhaps Weebly is easily a good bet for you.