When it comes to online site builders, we tend to spend a lot of our time either talking about sets that help you create a personal website, for either a blog or your own personal interests, or for business use. This is a real shame, as the duality between these is often stark: A personal-based website builder will give you an intuitive interface that’s easy on the non-tech oriented, while a business site doesn’t offer as fluid of an interface, but with more eCommerce options thrown in. However, we can abandon all of that today, as we take a look at one of the best drag-and-drop site builders on the Net—and one with a real business emphasis to boot!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, today we’re talking about Webs. Webs has been around for a long time now, offering a rock-solid interface with a whole bevy of business-minded solutions that will rock your web selling socks. However, you don’t have to simply take our word for it! No, to see a full rundown of what Webs can offer you and your online sales, simply head on down below the break to view the in-depth review.

The Interface

As stated, Webs offers one of the best drag-and-drop interfaces currently available for the business user. It offers a whole host of templates that anyone can use—sans tech knowledge of any kind—to create a website that’s ideal for you and your needs. It does this through a method known as the “point-and-click” interface.

Firstly, the user picks one of the site’s professionally designed templates. Then, they merely click on any portion of it to edit the thing. This applies to every kind of element imaginable: Want to change some of the text you’ve included in your site? Click it and then change it as you will. How about a photo? Same thing: Click, modify, update and post. It’s really that simple, and when you’ve got this kind of technology at your fingertips, you can very quickly crank out a site that looks professional, and has been custom-built to meet your business’s specific needs.

However, the real draw with Webs is not its interface: SquareSpace is still leading the pack there, so what would make a business-minded web master want to spring for the service as opposed to one of the other site builders we’ve talked about in recent memory? To cut things to the chase, it really boils down to the additional features that are thrown in:

You see, Webs has a real and genuine emphasis on the needs of a business consumer. They offer a suit of additional tools that will take your website from nothing to hero. This includes an SEO Marketing pack, a social networking utility, and even a mobile website optimizer. You’ll also get an entire host of analytical tools that you can use to check the marketability of your website and its contents. All in all, deciding to host your site with Webs is simple way to ensure that you’re doing everything you can to increase your business’s sales and profits on the Net.


In our eyes, the pricing scheme that Webs offers is also one of the best of any site builder that we’ve taken a look at. The most basic plan starts at only $0—yes, it’s completely free! It comes with some caveats, and of course you won’t be getting the same features, but it’s not a bad deal to begin with if you’re unsure. From there, you can pick a Starter pack for only $3.75 a month, or an Enhanced Package for $7.50. This is the package that Webs itself recommends for business consumers. At the top end, $16.67 a month earns you the Pro Package.

Wrap Up

At the end of the day, Webs is perhaps one of the best and simplest ways we know to get your business online and with a real powerhouse punch to boot. It’s cheap, effective, and simple from the ground up. If that sounds good, go ahead and try out the free option.