Are you looking to create a website of your own? Do you want to create a portal for your customers to access your business through, regardless of whether or not the brick-and-mortar option has closed for the night? Or, are you looking to found your very own personal blog on the Net? Do you want to ensnare a full body of readers, each hung on your every word thanks to your brilliantly designed and excellently hosted website? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

online website builder

You see, on our site we’ve talked a lot about how you—with little to no coding experience—can design and develop your very own website: Even to the point where you’re making steady residual income from it. However, we have yet to discuss one of the most important fields and options that exist in the game. Yes, we’re talking about online site builder. If you’ve never heard of these, but are still curious, you can head on down below the break to get the full scoop. We’ll be explaining the technology, as well as what it can do for you today. No matter what you need out of a website, and no matter what you hope to accomplish, we promise there’s a site builder out there somewhere that can help you out. So without further ado, let’s get your education in gear!

What is a Site Builder?

We’ve talked a bit about content management systems here on the site: These are services and platforms like WordPress and Drupal that allow you to quickly and effectively set up and manage a website. An online site builder is a lot like these systems, in fact services like WordPress even come with an online site builder for their subdomain-branded option. However, there are a few markers that really set the two apart.

In most cases online website builders are entirely browser-based from start to finish. There are typically no FTP accounts to use, no additional plugins that need to be coded, rendered and uploaded. Everything is kept neat and clean within the browser, typically even on the site builder’s website.

You will also usually login to a site builder as if it was any other website, like Facebook for instance. Once logged in, you’ll begin working on your site within the same webspace. In this space you can drag-and-drop (this is a common design mechanic used amongst several different web builders) elements into place, add new posts, change text, etc. Do whatever it is you want to do to your site in this space, and it will automatically be posted to your website.

So to sum things up, here’s what an online website builder is in a nutshell: It is a browser-based way for you to design a website without any sort of coding knowledge or expertise whatsoever. It uses common elements and a drag-and-drop mechanic to assist in your website’s creation. Once you’ve got the thing designed, most online website builders will then in turn help you host the site through their own services. This is typically at a cost, but it can occasionally be free.


First off the bat, a website builder can be the easiest and best way for a DIY kind of business owner to create and manage their own website—and without any specific coding knowledge. It’s often fairly cheap, and depending on the interface, there’s little to now learning curve involved either. As such, it can be an effective solution to just about any design problem. It’s one big, fluid process: Create, design, host, and enjoy. To some, that convenience is very worth pursuing.


On the flip side, a website builder is often very restrictive in what it will allow a user to do, or to create. As such, it’s hardly ever the best option for a professional designer or developer. There are exceptions (looking at you SquareSpace) but if you’re looking for the most freedom and creative liberty possible, you just aren’t likely to find it here with a website builder.

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